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Today in Science

February 26th

1638 – Death of Claude Gaspard Bachet de Méziriac, French mathematician

1786 – Birth of François Arago, French mathematician

1799 – Birth of Émile Clapeyron, French engineer and physicist

1814 – Birth of Charles Joseph Sainte-Claire Deville, French geologist

1935 – Robert Watson-Watt carried out a demonstration near Daventry which led directly to the development of RADAR in the United Kingdom.

1852 – Birth of John Harvey Kellogg,American surgeon, advocate of dietary reform

1857 – Birth of Émile Coué, French psychologist

1903 – Birth of Giulio Natta, Italian chemist, Nobel Prize laureate

1931 – Death of Otto Wallach, German chemist, Nobel Prize laureate

1946 – Birth of Ahmed H. Zewail, Egyptian chemist, Nobel Prize laureate

1991 – Tim Berners-Lee introduces WorldWideWeb, the first web browser.