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Today in Science

Monday Mammal

Microcebus murinus – the mouse lemur  

Today in Science

Last Stand of the Orang Utan?

The Guardian is reporting that the Orang Utan “could be virtually extinct within five years after it was discovered that the animal’s rainforest habitat is being destroyed even more rapidly than had been predicted.” The UN’s environment programme report, ‘The Last Stand of the Orang Utan: State of Emergency’, says natural rainforests of Indonesia and…

Today in Science

Dembski: Telling lies for Jesus

Dembski seems to think Darwin was a racist when it came to the “careless, squalid, unaspiring” Irish. Pat Hayes points out Dembski’s selective quotation of Darwin and John Wilkins applies the coup de grace. I hope these aren’t the “research” methods that Dembski is teaching to his students at his little bible school.

Lying bastard

Not surprising that this was released on Friday, Usual modus operandi for the administration. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales approved plans to fire several U.S. attorneys in an hourlong meeting last fall, according to documents released Friday that indicate he was more involved in the dismissals than he has claimed. Last week, Gonzales said he “was…

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So what are these?

Fly Porn

This is just a cool photo. Two Melangyna viridiceps mating in mid-air [via Wikipedia].

Today in Science

March 23rd Births 1638 – Frederik Ruysch, Dutch physician and anatomist 1749 – Pierre Simon de Laplace, French mathematician and astronomer 1754 – Baron Jurij Vega, Slovenian mathematician, physicist, and artillery officer 1769 – William Smith, English cartographer (see above) and “Father of English Geology” 1881 – Hermann Staudinger, German chemist, Nobel Prize laureate 1882…