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1993 – The web browser Mosaic version 1.0 is released.


1692James Stirling, Scottish mathematician

1876Robert Bárány, American physician, Nobel laureate

1884Otto Rank, Austrian psychologist

1891Harold Jeffreys, English astronomer

1904Robert Oppenheimer, American physicist

1907Ivan Efremov, Russian paleontologist and author

1909Rita Levi-Montalcini, Italian neurologist, Nobel laureate

1910Norman Steenrod, American mathematician

1919Donald J. Cram, American chemist, Nobel laureate

1922 – Wolf V. Vishniac, American microbiologist


1758Antoine de Jussieu, French naturalist

1945 – Wilhelm Cauer, German mathematician

1951Horace Donisthorpe, British entomologist

1980 – Fritz Strassmann, German physicist

2005Philip Morrison, American physicist


  1. #1 Paul Hutchinson
    April 22, 2007

    Happy Earth Day!

    Google has a clever version of their logo posted for the holiday.

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