Stranger Fruit

Nature recently ran a story about, what it termed, the “Arizona experiment,” changes that have been occurring here at Arizona State University. The article briefly quoted Robert Pettit, the former director of the Cancer Research Institute (CRI) which was closed in 2005. Today’s Nature features a letter by John C. Knight which states that:

[A]fter disagreements with the university’s president Michael Crow, Pettit was removed from the position and the institute was effectively closed down. All the personnel were transferred to the university’s Biodesign Institute. After a year of problems and disputes, which included measures taken to stop them obtaining any new funding, the group was terminated.

Knight then directs readers to this article in Phoenix New Times which is essentially a hit-job on Crow. I’m not going to take a position on whether or not Michael Crow is the devil incarnate; what I will point out is that Knight failed to let Nature know that he was in fact a former CRI group member, a “friend and colleague” of Pettit, and that he, like Pettit, continues to be employed at ASU.