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Today in Science

A matter of perspective, I guess

It’s funny how much smaller the “Monster Pig” looks in this photo (source). And for what it’s worth, here’s one of the “positive comments” the boy hunter got:

LOL Dembski

I got bored, what can I say. I’ll stop now.

Today in Science

LOL Behe

Blame Mark Hoofnagle for the idea and Glenn Branch for the inspiration. Clickie for biggie. Update: Also see LOLDembski

Hogzilla II

In this photo released by Melynne Stone, Jamison Stone, 11, poses with a wild pig he killed near Delta, Ala., May 3, 2007. Stone’s father says the hog weighed a staggering 1,051 pounds and measured 9-feet-4 from the tip of its snout to the base of its tail. If claims of the animal’s size are…

Today in Science

Rob mentions LOLcats (of which I am a fan – more here). I give you LOLpresidents.

Today in Science

Is this all there is then?

I was wondering to myself what posts from 2006 still get significant views. After poking around in the statistics, here is what I found (in order of visits as of May 22nd): pictures of polar bears & mutant beasts from Maine, penis parasites from Grey’s Anatomy, Ann Coulter as dashund (I was going to type…