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Linn(a)ean quote of the day

From 1788: “I demand of you, and of the whole world, that you show me a generic character, by which to distinguish between Man and Ape. I myself most assuredly know of none. I wish somebody would indicate one to me. But if I had called man an ape, or vice versa, I should have…

Linnaeus at 300

As, no doubt, many will be posting today, Linnaeus (the “father of modern taxonomy”) was born 300 years ago. It’s a pity a tiny minority of taxonomists still dont get the genius of what he achieved under the guise of “complet[ing] the Darwinian revolution“.

Today in Science

AP is reporting: Female sharks can fertilize their own eggs and give birth without sperm from males, according to a new study of the asexual reproduction of a hammerhead in a U.S. zoo. The joint Northern Ireland-U.S. research, being published Wednesday in the Royal Society’s peer-reviewed Biology Letter journal, analyzed the DNA of a shark…

A return (of sorts)

You’ll probably have noticed that I have returned from Boston and the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole (above, looking across Eel Pond on the day before it started raining … a lot) where I was for a break with friends and a workshop for the past eleven days or so. Fun was had and perhaps I’ll…

Today in Science

Today is the International Day for World Biodiversity, a favorite holiday of the Bush White House.

I’m shocked, shocked, I say

Headline at Uncommon Descent: The Chronicle says of Gonzalez “a clear case of discrimination” Actual sentence in Chronicle article: At first glance, it seems like a clear-cut case of discrimination. (emphasis mine) Wow. Just, wow.


This evening was the convocation for our honors students and featured the largest graduating class ever from our College. Tomorrow I prepare to head off to Woods Hole for the MBL-ASU History of Biology Seminar. While I will have access to the Intertubes while there, I’m going to probably take a break from blogging, recharge,…

Today in Science

Ah, makes you want to move to Alaska, doesn’t it. (Courtesy of this Fark thread).