Stranger Fruit

Gert Kortoff has written a review of Behe’s Edge of Evolution. He points out:

Readers interested in “Intelligent Design Theory” will be disappointed. The reader won’t find an exposition of the Intelligent Design Theory. Nine out of ten chapters are about the limitations of neo-Darwinian evolution and the last chapter is about fine-tuning. There is no chapter devoted to design theory. Not even one paragraph describing what design theory actually is. … Behe has the complete freedom to write about design theory, but no coherent treatment of the theory can be found. Professor Jerry Coyne stated “his theory is flat wrong” (here). But, there is no design theory in this book. There are a bunch of observations and suggestive allusions to a theory. But not a coherent treatment of design theory. … Is it really unfair or unreasonable to expect in this book a coherent description of design theory after more than 10 years since his Darwin’s Black Box?


  1. #2 mark
    July 30, 2007

    Disappointed, but not surprised. Has there ever been a book about Intelligent Design that was not a philipic against evolution? So many words, so little substance.

  2. #3 Sean
    August 4, 2007

    To see Stephen Colbert talk rings around Behe, click here.

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