Stranger Fruit

A mild rant for the evening

So let me see if I’ve got this straight …

There are a bunch of people that think that typing ".com" instead of "" is a potential error that students looking for their school district on their home computer could make, and as such, the owner of the .com site should shutdown.

Let’s imagine we live in a completely hypothetical universe that students go to their school district website and that parents don’t monitor Junior’s internet usage. is a high level domain name purchased by its owner in March 2002. It also happens to be a pornographic site. There is no evidence that the owner is capitalizing on the "similarity" of to, the website for Litchfield School District here in Arizona. Yet, a parent complained about the .com site after discovering it after "mistyping" the address, and the district asked the site owner to close their site – which he did.

It’s clear who loses out here due to the abject stupidity of parents. Folks, if you worry about what your kiddies are looking at online, monitor their damned Internet usage – it’s not that hard.

See here and here for more details.


  1. #1 llewelly
    August 21, 2007

    To most users, ‘.com’ is the ‘normal’ suffix – anything else is so strange they are ‘sure’ it is wrong.

  2. #2 Mike P
    August 21, 2007

    That’s a damn shame. If it had been any other site besides a porn site, the parents would have been laughed out of court. But woe is the practitioner of taboo morality…

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