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Crazed Cougar Mouths Off

Apparently Bill Doba, Washington State University football coach, is – how shall we say – "challenged." The Cougars just got whupped 48-20 by University of Arizona (unranked, 2-3) and Doba is quoted in the Tacoma News Tribune as saying:

"Arizona, I said, is the second or third best team in the conference. I still hold true to that. They are talented – I think more than the team [ASU] we’re facing this week."

That’s the 5-0, 18th ranked ASU he is talking about. The one that is being given a nine point spread over his team.

ASU’s record aside, and even if the Cougars beat ASU at home on Saturday, to claim that the Mildcats are nearer to the ranks of USC, Cal & Oregon than ASU is, well, that’s just crazy talk.


  1. #1 winnebago
    October 2, 2007

    Go Sun Devils! (….and tell the alumni assoc to stop calling me every week for a donation!)

  2. #2 KevinC
    October 3, 2007

    Go Lumberjacks!!! Northern Arizona University has an even worse team. Crazy talk would be saying NAU was up with USC or even UofA.

  3. #3 Sean
    October 3, 2007

    It seems to me that Mr. Doba might be a bit “puffed-up” about Washington State’s chances in this Saturday’s game and that he must have at least a temporary case of “selective memory.” What about the two touchdowns ASU scored six seconds apart in Stanford last week?

    Ideally, I’d like to see the Sun Devils trounce the Cougars and Arizona lose to Oregon State (who lost to ASU 44-32). I wonder what he’d say then.

  4. #4 jeff
    October 3, 2007

    I lived in Tucson for a while and still return there regularly. The wildcats are a serious religion there, and the “scumdevils” are despised in the extreme. (Not being much of a sports fan, I never really understood all that…)

  5. #5 Jim Lippard
    October 3, 2007

    Tucson in general has a serious inferiority complex about Phoenix. People in Tucson often rant at length about how horrible Phoenix is, with its conservatives raping the desert with golf courses and electing Republicans to state offices, while people in Phoenix rarely take any notice of Tucson. On the other hand, some people raised in Phoenix who actually visit Tucson tend to think of it as a backwater hellhole.

    Personally, I like both Phoenix and Tucson, and have no interest in the ASU/UA rivalry–I have a degree from each school, and don’t care about spectator sports…

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