Stranger Fruit

Saturday Football

A field goal with 55 seconds to go was enough to give ASU a 23-20 away win (their second away win in a row) against Washington State. I missed most of the game due to family commitments but what I saw wasn’t terribly impressive. Still, an away win is good, especially since we haven’t had two in a row since 1996. ASU go to 6-0, WSU to 2-4. Next week is Washington (2-3, 0-2) at home.

Oh, and WSU coach Doba’s "second or third best team in the conference" (Arizona) got beat 31-16 by Oregon State.


  1. #1 George
    October 9, 2007

    Of course, WSU is a mediocre team, beaten 42-21 by a mediocre Wisconsin team (GO badgers)that lost to Illinois. Uhmm, maybe the Pac-10 is not on an up year.

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