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Beckwith Quits Discovery

Peter Irons has made it known that Frank Beckwith (Baylor) resigned as a fellow of the Discovery Institute in July.The event went without notice from either Beckwith or the DI. Beckwith’s has in the past stated that he "has never been much of fan [of] design arguments, ever. My interest in the debate focuses on the jurisprudential questions involving the First Amendment and what could be permissibly taught in public schools under that amendment."

Obviously one can speculate as to Beckwith’s reasons – was it related to his recent conversion to Catholicism, or perhaps to the asinine activities of Dembski and his ilk, or even to disagreement with the strategies being used in the DI’s media campaign? Who – other than Beckwith – knows? That said, his disappearance is of note.


  1. #1 John Pieret
    November 22, 2007

    Hey, they may have lost Beckwith, a serious scholar no matter what his views, but they picked up Michael Medved in his place.

    … Um … oh … never mind.

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