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Today in Science (1217) & A Hiatus

I’m going to close things down here until the beginning of the New Year – a combination of projects I need to finish and family commitments mean that I will be posting little (if anything) for the next two weeks. I wish all my readers a happy, safe & peaceful holiday season.


Your Today in Science is below the fold.


1706 – Émilie du Châtelet, French mathematician and physicist

1778 – Sir Humphry Davy, English chemist and physicist

1835 – Alexander Emanuel Agassiz, American scientist; son of Louis Agassiz

1853 – Émile Roux, French physician

1908 – Willard Frank Libby, American chemist and Nobel Prize laureate


1907 – William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin, Irish-born physicist

1917 – Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, British physician

1964 – Victor Franz Hess, Austrian-born physicist and Nobel Prize laureate