Stranger Fruit



Netscape has finally been taken off life-support. Born in October 1994, yet stunted in its growth since the late 90’s, the browser is set to finally expire on February 1st. It spawned Mozilla and thus ultimately Firefox. Please observe a moment of silence.

Apologies for the BLINK tag in the title. It seemed apt. Sayeth The Book of Mozilla (12:10):

And the beast shall come forth surrounded by a roiling cloud of vengeance. The house of the unbelievers shall be razed and they shall be scorched to the earth. Their tags shall blink until the end of days.


  1. #1 g
    December 29, 2007

    Hey, how are you doing that?

  2. #2 Kurt
    December 29, 2007

    Whoa! I didn’t even think that the BLINK tag was still supported. It is indeed appropriate, as the BLINK tag is emblematic of the side of Netscape that was bad for the web, and in some sense contributed to Netscape’s downfall.

  3. #3 Lettuce
    December 29, 2007


    I’m using Safari… No blink.

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