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Friday Poem (1214)

I Am The People, The Mob I am the people-the mob-the crowd-the mass. Do you know that all the great work of the world is done through me? I am the workingman, the inventor, the maker of the world’s food and clothes. I am the audience that witnesses history. The Napoleons come from me and…

Today in Science (1214)

Events 1782 – The Montgolfier brothers first balloon lifts on its first test flight. 1900 – Max Planck presents a theoretical derivation of his black-body radiation law. 1962 – Mariner 2 becomes the first spacecraft to fly by Venus. Births 1909 – Edward Tatum, American geneticist and Nobel Prize laureate 1922 – Nikolay Basov, Soviet…

West meets his match (followup)

A couple of weeks back I noted I noted historian Mark Borrello’s engagement with John West regarding West’s particular spin on the history of eugenics. Now Mark has commented publicly. Though I repeatedly e-mailed the coordinator of the event and he assured me that he was working hard to get a response from West, the…

Today in Science (1213)

Today in Science (1212)

Births 1866 – Alfred Werner, Swiss chemist and Nobel Prize laureate 1892 – Herman Poto─Źnik, Slovenian rocket engineer

Spartan eugenics

The ancient Greeks said that the Spartans threw any deformed or sick newborns over a cliff, thus practicing eugenics. Indeed, Plato – certainly an individual with a soft spot for Sparta – himself hints at these practices in his Republic. Recent studies of human remains from one such cliff (apothetes) has shown that the remains…


Our overlords (can the beatings stop now? please?) have asked us to ask you to take a brief two question quiz regarding languages. Run along and do it … otherwise the beatings will continue.

Today in Science (1211)

More science and math in Arizona

The Arizona State Board of Education has unanimously voted to increase the amount of required science and math courses for the state’s high school students. Freshmen in 2008 will require a third year of math, and those the following year will require a fourth year. That entering class will also have to complete an additional…

Sciencedebate 2008

Presidential debates are largely meaningless. Simpleminded questions posed by simpleminded moderators who actively prevent candidates from answering in any sort of nuanced manner (were they able). In short, a microcosm of American political discourse in which snark and soundbite dominate substance every time. Wouldn’t it be great if we could hear candidates answer questions on…