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Today in Science (1210)

Events 1684 – Isaac Newton’s derivation of Kepler’s laws from his theory of gravity, contained in the paper De motu corporum in gyrum, is read to the Royal Society by Edmund Halley.

Roundup of Oreskes/Schulte

Tim Lambert has already highlighted this, but since some of the affair played out on this blog … John Mashey has posted an extended account of the Oreskes/Schulte affair [pdf]. Regular readers will remember that Naomi Oreskes publicly responded to Schulte here and subsequent developments can be followed here and here. As Tim notes "Schulte…

Today in Science (1209)

Saturday Spin

This made me laugh out loud.

Nigerian puppy spam

No, not a processed meat made from young dogs of African origin, but this: My Name is Ronald Gigs, I and my Wife are on a Christian mission to Africa and we came along with our little Puppy Jenny. After a while we notice that the weather here is not good for the Jenny and…

Today in Science (1208)

Births 1730 – Jan Ingenhousz, Dutch-born British physiologist and botanist 1795 – Peter Andreas Hansen, Danish astronomer 1874 – Ernst Moro, Austrian physician 1947 – Thomas R. Cech, American chemist and Nobel Prize laureate Deaths 1632 – Philippe van Lansberge, Flemish astronomer 1779 – Nathan Alcock, English physician

Compare and contrast

John Stockwell (among others) has suggested that there needs to be a baseline with which to compare Behe’s productivity as a scientist. Stockwell suggested Sean B. Carroll and, as always, I’m happy to oblige. (FYI, I’ve omitted Carroll’s review articles.) Couple of things are of note here. Firstly, and most obviously, Carroll’s publication record makes…

Friday Poem (1207)

Hawk Roosting I sit in the top of the wood, my eyes closed.Inaction, no falsifying dreamBetween my hooked head and hooked feet:Or in sleep rehearse perfect kills and eat. The convenience of the high trees!The air’s buoyancy and the sun’s rayAre of advantage to me;And the earth’s face upward for my inspection. My feet are…

Today in Science (1207)

Events 1900 – Max Planck discovers the law of black body emission. 1972 – Apollo 17, the last Apollo moon mission, is launched. The crew take the photograph known as "The Blue Marble" (above) as they leave the Earth. 1995 – The Galileo spacecraft arrives at Jupiter, a little more than six years after it…

Behe’s publications, Part II

Over at this thread, a reader asked for Behe’s publication record in a similar format to Gonzalez’s. Glad to oblige. (As always, click for a big ’un). Note how his productivity drops off hugely once he gets publicly involved with ID in 1991. Much like Gonzalez, Behe’s most productive period occurs just before he embraces…