Stranger Fruit

Meet William Torres.


Meet William Torres and his slippers. William was arrested while driving in Allentown (Pa) on two counts of homicide and was known to be dealing coke and heroin from his home. More interestingly, William was pulled over while wearing "a hooded sweartshirt [sic] with a skull-head pattern on it, pajama bottoms and fuzzy lion-faced slippers". Prison is going to be rough on this guy, me thinks. Either that or he’s getting a head start on the insanity defense.

(HT to Fark for making my evening).


  1. #1 Greg Laden
    January 27, 2008

    How do you drive with those slippers?

  2. #2 JohnnieCanuck, FCD
    January 28, 2008

    If I were that Cop, I’d hide from the camera, too. No way you’d ever get elected sheriff if people saw this.

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