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Monday Mustelid #7

Marine otter, Lontra felina Gray 1843.[Image source]

Vox Day abusing Darwin

Vox Day – who writes for WorldNetDaily – has published a book, The Irrational Atheist which is available for free online. It’s an attack on Hitchens, Harris, Dawkins and other "new atheists". Brent Rasmussen over at Unscrewing the Inscrutable has taken the book very seriously. So I decided to check it out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t…

A drive-by blogging

Some quick takes as I’m still too busy to write anything significant … With everything going on at the moment, I’ve been neglecting to post on the Irish rugby team’s performance in the Six Nations Championship. On the 7th they lost to France (26-21) and today they beat Scotland, 34-13. So that is two wins…

Gordon on Brooks on the shy face of ID

Bruce Gordon is expectorating on Dan Brooks’ post on the ID conference (see here). Remember that Brooks received an email after the meeting "stating that the ID people considered the conference a private meeting,and did not want any of us to discuss it, blog it, or publish anything about it. They said they had no…

Time is a finite resource.

It’s that time of the year – first set of papers to be graded. That, coupled with our job search and some other things means I’m not going to be able to post anything over the next seven to ten days. So there’ll be no "Monday Mustelid" or "Today in Science" for a while. Just…

Today in Science (0217)

Today in Science (0216)

Today in Science (0215)

Events 1946 – ENIAC, the first general-purpose electronic computer, unveiled at the University of Pennsylvania.

No Title

Those of us who teach can imagine what would be like. A lecture hall full of students. Some eager to learn, some who couldn’t care less. Some still in their teens, some returning to college after many years. All vibrantly human. And then the unthinkable happens, as happened today in Northern Illinois University. After Virginia…

Hobgoblin of little minds

In The Chronicle of Higher Education (12/21/01) William Dembski had this to say about his publication strategy: “I’ve just gotten kind of blase about submitting things to journals where you often wait two years to get things into print. And I find I can actually get the turnaround faster by writing a book and getting…