Stranger Fruit

A drive-by blogging

Some quick takes as I’m still too busy to write anything significant …

With everything going on at the moment, I’ve been neglecting to post on the Irish rugby team’s performance in the Six Nations Championship. On the 7th they lost to France (26-21) and today they beat Scotland, 34-13. So that is two wins and a loss so far, enough to put them in second place (albeit because of a better point differential than France or England) behind Wales, whom they play next.

Somehow I hadn’t noticed that Neil Young released two live albums last year, Live at Massey Hall 1971 and Live at the Fillmore East. I picked them up last week and both – particularly the first one – are excellent both in content and sound quality.

With a bit of luck there will be a Monday Mustelid next week. Other than that, who know what will happen.