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More on PZ’s “gate crashing”

Troy Britain has done some poking around regarding the RSVP system that Expelled is using:

I go through this to show that they apparently have a system (at least now) to distinguish between truly private screenings with, I would imagine, an actual predetermine guest list, and other screenings that are perhaps demographically targeted (churchs and religious community leaders etc.) but not really private in the exclusive guest list sense.

There has been no evidence presented that Myers signed up for one of the “invitation-only” events. So it seems that his “crime” here was taking advantage of a publicly linked RSVP site that was possibly intended for a demographic category which he doesn’t happen to fall into, but was not a truly private event.

Of course the producers and their apologists in the ID creationism crowd are welcome to present hard evidence to the contrary, but I doubt they will even try.

Read the full investigation here.


  1. #1 Coturnix
    March 29, 2008

    IDC and ‘hard evidence’? LOL

  2. #2 MPW
    March 29, 2008

    Some of the Expelled apologists are just lying, I’m sure. But some actually seem to see no substantial difference beween showing up to a public event when you’re not part of the group the organizers really want to attract, and trespassing on a closed, private event. You’re clearly not wanted there, so showing up is an obnoxious and even unethical thing to do – simple. As usual, they don’t apply their logic to the behavior of their own side – see Stein’s show in the movie of trying to gatecrash the Smithsonian, or Guillermo Gonzalez fighting tooth and nail to stay at an institution where he’s not wanted.

    Right-wing theists are control freaks – keeping people who disagree with them away from their movie is of a piece with their disabling of commenting on their blogs and online videos, the statements of faith you have to sign before you can work at their colleges, etc. And it all seems perfectly legitimate to them – the people who disagree with them are bad – why should they be treated according to the same standards as the good guys?

  3. #3 J-Dog
    March 29, 2008

    The Expelled apologists ARE lying. Surprise! I received an invite to a “private screening” for Schaumburg IL, just because I signed up to be on an Expelled mailing list @ 2 months aqo.

    So those lying-for Jesus SOB creationists can kiss my hairy Neandertal buttocks.

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