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First West Nile case

The nation’s first case of West Nile Virus of 2008 has been reported here in the Southeast valley, starting the WNV season four to six weeks early. Everybody PANIC!

Disturbing Google Search

At 2:00pm today someone (in Alabama, no less) came here via a Google search for “sex with a sea cucumber”. I’m speechless.

More on Expelled in Tempe

It seems the producers of Expelled have gone back to the drawing board regarding their screenings. Last week I signed up for the April 3rd screening in Tempe. It now turns out that it has been canceled: Due to unavoidable changes in the travel plans of the producers of “Expelled”, several of our screenings have…

Julia Sweeney on Ben Stein: Ben Stein once did a Groundling show, an improv show, that I was a part of. I found him to be spectacularly ill-informed and narcissistic and weirdly devoted to his schtick and worst of all, hacky. He didn’t listen to his fellow performers and played everything outward to his friends…

Monday Mustelid #10

Speckle-throated otter, Hydrictis (Lutra) maculicollis Lichtenstein 1835 [photo source]

Dawkins on Stein

Dawkins on Ben Stein: The narrator is somebody called Ben Stein. I had not heard of him, but apparently he is well known to Americans, for it is hard to see why else he would have been chosen to front the film. He certainly can’t have been chosen for his knowledge of science, nor his…

My thoughts on Nisbet

Apparently Nisbet thinks we should desist from pointing out what a fiasco this whole affair has been for the supporters of Expelled. Apparently he thinks this is helping the enemy. He also thinks Dawkins and Myers should return to their seat at the back of the bus. Perhaps that might be true about "new atheism"…

Un-tooning Homer

This freaks Phil Plait out. I think it’s cool. Source with biggie here.

Expelled in Tempe …

The Expelled boyos seem to be tightening up their act. Now you can’t RSVP for future events all of which have been removed from the list. Compare this (yesterday) with this. There’s a screening scheduled for Harkins Arizona Mills at 7pm on April 3rd. I RSVPed last night and got the following in reply: Dear…

Sea Cucumber Sex Scandal

[H/T to Crooks and Liars]