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Steve Matheson on Darwin/Hitler

Steve Matheson (a Reformed Christian biologist at Calvin College and occasional commenter here) has this to say about the Darwin/Hitler meme that is popular with the Expelled set:

If you’re a Christian who thinks that the Nazis are a useful polemical tool against evolution, then maybe you should read about some of Hitler’s best-known influences. In my view, if you can read Luther’s words and still think there’s any moral high ground surrounding the Holocaust that can be claimed by Christendom, then you’re crazy. The Holocaust is an unspeakably abhorrent stain on the Church, if you ask me, and it’s not Darwinists (whoever they are) who have hard questions to answer. I, for one, believe that Christians should be overwhelmingly humbled by the occurrence of the Holocaust, and not because of the Problem of Evil.

Nothing to be added to that.

Check out his blog Quintessence of Dust … lots of interesting stuff to be read.


  1. #1 Paul Mohr
    April 22, 2008

    sub .Dawin/Hitler. .Darwin/Hitler. unless you meant it that way. In which case ignore me 🙂

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