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According to Expelled, this guy must be some kind of "Darwinist," right? He’s Tony Zirkle and he’s seeking the Republican nomination for Congress in Indiana. Above he is addressing a bunch of like-minded individuals – at a birthday celebration for Hitler no less. Visiting his campaign site is like spending time in a sewer. He…

Cult Fiction

The Telegraph has a list up of the top fifty "best cult books," a category they describe as: the sort of book that people wear like a leather jacket or carry around like a totem. The book that rewires your head: that turns you on to psychedelics; makes you want to move to Greece; makes…

Friday Poem (0425)

Riding the Ox Home Riding the ox home, taking it easy, The flute’s notes vanish in the evening haze. Tapping time to a folk song, happy as can be – It’s all too much for words. K’uo-an (trans. Stanley Lombardo) [image source]

Steve Matheson on Darwin/Hitler

Steve Matheson (a Reformed Christian biologist at Calvin College and occasional commenter here) has this to say about the Darwin/Hitler meme that is popular with the Expelled set: If you’re a Christian who thinks that the Nazis are a useful polemical tool against evolution, then maybe you should read about some of Hitler’s best-known influences.…

A favorite quote

I want to share one of my favorite quotes ever from an historian of science: George Sarton writing in his magisterial (and sadly unfinished) A History of Science: The influence of Timaeus upon later times was enormous and essentially evil. A large portion of Timaeus had been translated into Latin by Chalcidius (IV-1), and that…

So maybe I’m missing something but … Expelled took in $3 million over the weekend. With over 1000 theaters and three days, that comes to ~$1000 per theater per day. At approximately $5 a ticket, that means we’re looking at roughly 200 people seeing the movie per day per theater. Maybe 50 people tops per…

Valence theory and hylomorphism

Wilkins has a little Aesopian fable that you may want to read. Still grading, so your Monday Mustelid will be late … i.e. not on Monday!

Quick shots

Some quickies … The University of Oklaholma has announced its year-long Darwin 2009 celebration: This View of Life. Apparently it is being launched on February 12th with a public lecture by some guy called Lynch. Yeah, that Lynch. More of that later, no doubt. Set Ben Straight and win stuff. See here. Ed Brayton revisits…

Expelled 9, Zombie Strippers 39

According to Rotten Tomatoes. Nuff said.

Today is the day – Waterloo!

Today is the day when it will all come crashing down around us evil Darwinists. Expelled has been, uh, expelled from whence it came. Yes, the prophet Benjamin will speak and the scales will be lifted from the eyes of the public. Verily I say unto thee, repent now.