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Look at the evidence

Two-month old black Jaguar cub born in captivity at the Huachipa zoo in Lima, Peru. (click for larger version) photo source: AP Photo/Martin Mejia/Scanpix hat-tip: Green Expander.

On gas and Clinton

Over at TfK, Josh more-or-less reads my mind about the rank stupidity of McCain and Clinton calling for a suspension of the gas tax: This is stupid, because it won’t actually cut prices (the price of a good like gasoline is dominated by how much customers are willing to pay, and fiddling with the tax…

Monday Mustelid #15 (and #16!)

Burmese Ferret Badger, Melogale personata Saint-Hillaire 1831 Chinese Ferret Badger, Melogale moschata Gray 1831 There are two further putative species of ferret badger for which I’m unable to find suitable images: Everett’s ferret badger (Melogale everetti Thomas 1895) and the Javan ferret badger (Melogale orientalis Horsfield 1821). The genus is in need of a good…

Whoda thunk it?

"Multiple world champion Oscar De La Hoya registered a unanimous decision victory over fellow American Steve Forbes in a non-title bout on Saturday." Huh?

Eight Belles not worth enough?

I may be treading in hot water here but … two years ago a colt named Barbaro broke a leg and was put into surgery while a nation apparently wept (here is what I said then). Yesterday I watched a filly named Eight Belles fracture two legs and be unceremoniously killed on the track (Grrl…

If you haven’t already, you must check out Charles Darwin’s blog, if only for this: However in the dramatic presentations it is clear what science is for: it is to help the police elucidate which American has killed which other American. It is also clear who becomes a scientist: people of eccentric appearance and manner…

New Chick Tract

New Chick tract – have at it! Especially you, Tyler. Update: I see PZ beat me to this. *shakes fist*

Friday Poem (0502)

Ox Forgotten Reaching home on the back of the ox, Rest now, the ox forgotten. Taking a nap under the noon sun, Whip and rope abandoned behind the hut. K’uo-an (trans. Stanley Lombardo) [image source]

I forgot to mention that yesterday (technically still today here in Arizona) was National Mission Accomplished Day. Nice job, Bushie.