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Monday Mustelid #21

Wolverine, Gulo gulo Pallas 1780. (source)

Euro 2008

Happy to see that Spain beat Germany today. Better team definitely won. Perhaps the Germans should have fielded the squad seen above?

Meet Kirstie Hartle, registered Democrat, Clinton supporter, and “a Republican all the way now”: She said she doesn’t like Obama’s name and thinks he has a questionable background. She also said she thought Obama was deceitful when he broke from his church after it hurt his campaign, and she doesn’t trust him to handle the…

(source; click for larger version) So 60% of Republicans – versus 40% of Independents and 38% of Democrats – think that God created humans as is, 10,000 years ago. Let’s get this clear – this isn’t 60% accepting some form of “intelligent design” and allowing the archeological and fossil records to speak for themselves. This…

George Carlin, dead at 71

It is sad to note that George Carlin died Sunday at the age of 71. When he was funny, he was hilarious. His distillation of the Ten Commandments into two was a classic: Thou shalt always be honest and faithful to the provider of thy nookie, and, Thou shalt try real hard not to kill…

More on Timaeus

A few months ago, I quoted George Sarton’s low opinion of Plato’s Timaeus. Jonathan Barnes has reviewed David Sedley’s Creationism and Its Critics in Antiquity and has this to say about Timaeus: Above all, Sedley lauds the Timaeus. It is a ‘uniquely rich and seminal text’. It is ‘the most influential of all Plato’s works,…

Euro 2008

Just finished watching the Dutch implode and get beaten 3-1 by Russia, making them the third group winner to lose. I can now only hope that Spain beats the Italian Diving Squad tomorrow to avert any possibility of a Germany v Italy final. Spain v Turkey would be more fun. Thoughts?

FISA Amendments Act

I’m disappointed to note that both Harry Mitchell and Gabby Giffords joined the other 103 Democrats who voted for the FISA Amendments Act of 2008. (Ed Pastor and Raúl Grijalva voted against.) The 105 Dems have covered themselves in shame, granting immunity to telecom companies, while basically telling the American public that their privacy is…

Ice on Mars

To quote the Lander: “Are you ready to celebrate? Well, get ready: We have ICE!!!!! Yes, ICE, *WATER ICE* on Mars! w00t!!! Best day ever!!” More here.

Reality Check on Off-shore Drilling

From the Wall Street Journal: If the bans were lifted tomorrow, it would be at least seven years — and likely as long as a decade — before the first oil began to flow off the coasts of Florida, California and the eastern seaboard. "Is it going to happen overnight? No," said Dan Naatz, vice…