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Euro 2008

Happy to see that Spain beat Germany today. Better team definitely won. Perhaps the Germans should have fielded the squad seen above?


  1. #1 w
    June 29, 2008

    I don’t know. Hegel is, IMHO, a liability in back. He’s too impressed with his own press releases, probably believes that he simply cannot be beat. Leibnitz … definitely the best keeper the Germans have ever put in goal (he’s more agile, mentally, than Kahn was or Lehman is). Nietzsche, a bit of a loose cannon … as the replay shows, he’s prone to argument with the referee. I see Nietzsche seeing a red card early or, after a yellow, being pulled in favor of Habermass.

  2. #2 rimpal
    July 7, 2008

    And watching were the organizers,

    Rules Committee – Kapila, Gautama, and Yajnavalkya

    Tournament Committee – Panini, Gargi, Vachaknavi

    Greece: Kannadaa
    Germany: Nagarjuna

    Commentators: Aryabhata, Hemachandra, Gangesa

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