Stranger Fruit

The stupid, it burns.

The ever anonymous “PhysioProf” has managed to slander the whole medical profession.  Orac, Mark Hoofnagle, and PalMD (who actually know something about medicine) rightly call shennanigans.

As Mark notes:

In medicine, we take attitudes like this towards students and doctors seriously, and the only reason PP gets away with this crap is because he abuses anonymity. Anonymity can be a good thing, and I hope the internet becomes a place where it can be used reliably so people can feel safe speaking honestly. But when used like PP uses it, merely to be able to say indefensible nonsense about good people, it’s just cowardice and I hold him in nothing but contempt (and have for some time).

Orac raises a good question:

If PP has such utter contempt for physicians and the medical students who will ultimately become physicians, why on earth does he continue to have anything to do with them?

Quite. For PhysioProf’s sake, I hope he is never treated by the caricature of medical professionals he presents. Or for that matter, be treated by someone who has read his bullshit.


  1. #1 DLC
    July 26, 2008

    Saw this over at Respectful Insolence.
    While I agree that the surgeon in question is a twit, I don’t see a cause here for the sort of outrage exhibited by PhysioProf.

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