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2009 ASU-MBL History of Biology Seminar: Theory in the Life Sciences May 20-27 Application Deadline: January 15, 2009 The MBL-ASU History of Biology Seminar is an intensive week with annually varying topics designed for a group of no more than 25 advanced graduate students, postdoctoral associates, younger scholars, and established researchers in biology, history, philosophy,…

Monday Mustelid #35

Mountain or Pale Weasel, Mustela altaica Pallas 1811 Click for bigger, clearer version of this little beauty!

Monday Mustelid (bonus)

On Monday, we’ll begin the final lap of the Monday Mustelid, namely the 18 members of the genus Mustela. So it seems apt to post what is probably the most famous image of a mustelid, Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Lady with the Ermine” (1482-’83). You can read more about the portrait here. This is by way…

Monday Mustelid #34

Marbled polecat, Vormela peregusna Güldenstädt 1770 (source) Seriously, who wouldn’t love this little guy?

Monday Mustelid (Bonus edition)

Two-week-old Black footed ferret pup (Mustela nigripes). Those Bleiman Brothers have done it again and given us ZooBorns. Too cute for words.

Monday Mustelid #33

African Striped Weasel, Poecilogale albinucha Gray 1864 (Apologies for the quality of the picture)

Liberty and Science

I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in Indianapolis. Tomorrow I will be attending a two-day Liberty Fund seminar on “Liberty in the Scientific Enlightenment,” a discussion using E.O. Wilson’s Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge as a jumping off point. Other attendees (there are 15 in total) include Vernon Smith, Larry Arnhart, Carl Mitcham, Stephen…

Monday Mustelid #32

American mink Neovison vison Schreber 1777 (Formerly Mustela vison) [source]


I’m going to take a break from this blogging thing for a while. The past few months have been sufficiently crazy (blame a new lecture course, some deadlines, and a general malaise) to prevent me keeping abreast of anything worth writing about. I’ll continue posting the Monday Mustelid every week, but don’t expect much more…