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Monday Mustelid #39

Japanese weasel, Mustela itatsi Temminck 1844

A little quiz for the afternoon

According to the Intercollegiate Studies Institute “Americans fail a basic test on their history and institutions” with an average score of 49% (college educators apparently score 55%, and office-holders 44%). I scored 88% (29 out of 33)… I put that down to not being a product of the American school system 🙂 Some of the…

The Tyndall Correspondence Project

The Tyndall Correspondence Project (of which I am a participant) has now gone online. Our aim is to follow in the footsteps of the Darwin Correspondence Project and transcribe the letters of the Irish physicist, John Tyndall. The site is a little bare at the moment, but more information and resources will be forthcoming.

On working biochemists

O’Leary: “Behe is a working biochemist“ Me: “Funny definition of working you’re using there, Denyse”

Monday Mustelid #38

Long-tailed weasel, Mustela frenata Lichtenstein 1831 (source) I was unable to find a good picture of Mustela felipei (Izor and de la Torre, 1978) so that, alas, will be left by the wayside.

Monday Mustelid #37

Something a little different this week … Steppe Polecat, Mustela eversmanni Lesson 1827. I spent three years of my life measuring mustelid skulls. I kind of miss it.

HSS 2008

So I’m here in Pittsburgh for the History of Science Society annual meeting. Had a chance to catch up with Janet and Ben while meeting Michael Robinson (of Time to Eat the Dogs) for the first time. Congratulations to him for winning the HSS Forum for History of Science in America book prize for his…

Monday Mustelid #36

Stoat, Mustela erminea L. (click for big version)

ASU has a number of exciting graduate programs in history, philosophy and social studies of science (with particular emphasis on the biological sciences). I am a faculty member for three of these programs (Biology & Society, Philosophy & Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology) and have worked with PhD and MA/MS students. If…