Stranger Fruit


No sooner than Oklahoma?s SB 320 gets axed than we find out about another ?academic freedom?/?strengths and weaknesses? bill. This time it?s Missouri HB 656 introduced on Feb 10th. As NCSE reports, Robert Wayne Cooper (R-District 155), the chief sponsor, has a history of wasting time introducing pro-creationism bills.

So the current state of play for 2009 is:

  • Mississippi – dead in committee
  • Oklahoma – dead in committee
  • New Mexico – in committee
  • Iowa – in committee
  • Alabama – in committee.
  • Missouri – in committee
  • Texas – at state board
  • Florida – looks like there’s to be a “teach intelligent design” proposal on the cards.


  1. #1 MikeMa
    February 18, 2009

    So much wasted time and money. The courts will be busy if any more (bad LA) of these pass.

  2. #2 James F
    February 18, 2009

    I’m going to bet that the New Mexico, Iowa, and Missouri bills all die with little fanfare in committee. I’m also going to bet that one of the next flare-ups with be South Carolina, and that bill, too, will die in committee.

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