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Looks like I had a better day than Abbie. I only had to give two talks whereas she had to listen to John West and Casey Luskin. Hopefully she’ll post more details but for the moment we know that West pontificated that “Darwin was Wrong” and Luskin tried to justify the cdesign proponentists snafu. Pure…

Friday Felid #8

Pallas? cat, Felis manul Pallas 1776 <source>

Requesting thoughts on the Macbook Pro

So I?m contemplating getting a Macbook Pro and thus leaving my current main machine (an XP laptop which I have been very happy with, by the way). I?m specifically looking at the 17 inch model, particularly because of the eight hour battery life. Any readers out there have any experience with the new Macbooks?…

ID in a nutshell

On the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin, William Dembski, research professor of philosophy at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, challenged Darwin’s famed theory of evolution during a seminary chapel service. A fixation with Darwin and a sermon in a chapel. Nothing more to add. <source>


No sooner than Oklahoma?s SB 320 gets axed than we find out about another ?academic freedom?/?strengths and weaknesses? bill. This time it?s Missouri HB 656 introduced on Feb 10th. As NCSE reports, Robert Wayne Cooper (R-District 155), the chief sponsor, has a history of wasting time introducing pro-creationism bills. So the current state of play…

Was there a Darwinian Revolution?

Some folks have been asking to see the slides from my talk last week at OU. They’re a little opaque without my commentary, but here they are: I’ll be giving a very similar talk at ASU on Friday for Sigma Xi.

SB 320 Dies

I had received the news that Oklahoma SB 320 died in committee whilst at the Will Rogers airport heading home. I tried to post some details using my phone but that clearly didn’t work. In the comments section Vic provides the details. This means the state of the nation currently is: Mississippi – disclaimer –…

Update from Norman

Saturday was the last full day of the OSLEP course and we had the students thinking about religious and other reactions to Darwin’s ideas; three hours on St George Jackson Mivart, Alfred Russel Wallace, Ernst Haeckel, and Charles Kingsley, followed by another three hours on American anti-evolutionism. The students really seemed to get into the…

Gallup Poll on “belief” in evolution

More here. My gut feeling is that an improvement in general science education in this country could swing many of the “no opinion” folks towards evolution.

Press Coverage of my OU 2009 Talk

Not a bad article in the Norman Transcript which is apparently a fairly conservative paper. It will be interesting to see what happens in the comment thread over the next few hours.