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Sadly, to the DI, this is what counts as the utterance of a “serious scholar who knows what he’s saying:” Evolutionary theory is at odds with itself: It cannot accept that man is a special being, raised above all others in evolutionary history, and it cannot deny that only man is capable of science, which…

“So be a man and deal with it.”

Matt Taibbi on Jake DeSantis’ narcissism: Only a person with a habitually overinflated sense of self-worth could think he deserves a $700,000 retention bonus, even if it has to be paid by taxpayers, when in reality no one “deserves” that much money. It may be that some people do get paid that much, but most…

Sunday Evening Wind Down

Nina Simone – My Baby Just Cares For Me

SkeptiCamp Phoenix 2009

SkeptiCamp Phoenix 2009 went off wonderfully yesterday. Big thanks to Jim Lippard for doing such a wonderful organizational job. The picture above is me beginning my 20 minute gallop through the issue of academic freedom and the intelligent design movement. Shorter – and undoubtedly more coherent –  version is: Evolution is not an unchallengeable orthodoxy…

SkeptiCamp Phoenix

SkeptiCamp Phoenix beings in a few minutes. Jim Lippard has all the details and Magic Tony, one of the presenters, will be live-blogging the event, and there may also be twittering at #skepticamp. I’ll be adding bits and pieces as the spirit moves me.

Asian small-clawed otter pups @ San Diego Zoo. More here.

Friday Felid #13

Geoffroy’s cat, Leopardus geoffroyi d’Orbigny & Gervais 1844 (source)

In Memoriam Marjorie Grene

The following was posted to the mailing list for the International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB) by Dick Burian. I felt it worth reposting here. Marjorie Grene passed away March 16 at age 98 after a brief illness. Marjorie Glicksman Grene, born Dec. 13, 1910, was an important historian…

NCSE is reporting that the Supreme Court has today denied certiorari without comment to Caldwell v. Caldwell, which challenged the constitutionality of the Understanding Evolution website. It’s yet another setback for the DI who supported Caldwell. Let’s just blame those liberal Darwinists over at the Supreme Court, shall we? More details over at NCSE.

£14 gets you a BA from Cambridge

Or at least it did in Darwin’s day. See here. “Thanks to the discovery, historians now have the exact date of Darwin’s arrival at the university – January 26th, 1828 – as well as a huge assortment of details which will enable them to reconstruct his undergraduate life as never before.”