Stranger Fruit

God Hates Figs


  1. #1 Comrade PhysioProf
    March 14, 2009


  2. #2 Terry Hummer
    March 14, 2009

    But god obviously loves fig leaves. . . . It’s another paradox. Damn metaphysical realm is full of ‘em.

  3. #3 Shadow Caster
    March 14, 2009

    This was just a joke. I signed up to the mailing list of the website a while back and then I got an email saying it was all a publicity stunt to attract attention to the author who wanted to sell his book about a choir boy who undergoes a sex change to keep his high pitched voice or something like that. Needless to say, I was not amused.

  4. #4 Pierce R. Butler
    March 14, 2009

    Stranger fruit indeed…

  5. #5 John S. Wilkins
    March 14, 2009

    Well that leaves me in a spiritual jam, I must say.

  6. #6 DLC
    March 15, 2009

    The figs want to shove their fruity lifestyle down your throat!

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