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The time has come …

(I was originally going to hold off posting this until May 31st, but there seems little point) I’ve been blogging here at Scienceblogs since January 2006, nearly three and a half years. During that time I have made many good friends – both fellow bloggers and readers – and have enjoyed the support of Seed…

Things to do, places to see …

Finished grading today, so the Spring semester is finally over. I’m out of here for a few weeks. See you sometime in June.


So I’m trying to simplify things in real life as I think I am suffering from information overload (among other things). First task was to clean up my Facebook friends. From here on, it’s family, colleagues and (usually graduate) students. Folks I know only in virtual space are likely to have gotten bumped. Sorry if…

2000th Post

Turns out that yesterday I posted my 2000th post here at Scienceblogs without even noticing it. Heh!

On flying elephants

PZ has the tale of Larry, Moe, Curly, and Eagletosh. Worth a read.

The left has the dumbth as well

PZ gets it right regarding the Huffington Post: It’s the People magazine of the lefty blogosphere. Why anyone pay’s attention while Jim Carrey spouts on about autism, I don’t know.

J.G. Ballard

J.G. Ballard has died. So I give you “Atrocity Exhibition” by Joy Division. This is the way, step inside.

The Superorganism

I’m currently reading Hoelldobler & Wilson?s The Superorganism and just ran across this post by Alex Wild which claims that the whole section of The Superorganism devoted to the evolutionary history of ants is muddy, incoherent, and entirely at odds with the increasingly clear picture emerging from modern studies of ant relationships. Alex is inaugurating…

Sunday Evening Wind Down

Nina Simone – My Baby Just Cares For Me

Nicholas Hughes

Nicholas Hughes was an evolutionary ecologist specializing in salmonids at the University of Alaska (Fairbanks). He was also the son of poets Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath. He killed himself by hanging yesterday after a bout with depression. He was 47. Times of London obit is here. (HT to TR Hummer)