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Sad news about jaguars

I’ve written before about efforts to study and support jaguar populations here in the desert southwest and Mexico. So the following is saddening. Nature is reporting that: The US government will not attempt to save jaguars from extinction within the formal system of the Endangered Species Act… [Cats seen in the US in recent years]…

Monday Mustelid #3

Sea otter, Enhydra lutris Linnaeus 1758 Mother with young. [picture source] And who can resist sea otters holding hands?

Monday Mustelid #2

African Clawless Otter, Aonyx capensis Schinz 1821 [source] [details]

Last October I blogged about the reappearance of jaguars in southern Arizona and the possible effect of Bush’s border fence on the species recovery. While jaguars have been seen in Arizona, the closest breeding population is 125 miles south of the border and is being studied by the Northern Jaguar Project. The population is estimated…

Lions Lose to Buffalo(es)

Take eight minutes and watch this. Nice work by the buffaloes when faced by a weak lion defense. (HT to Tim Sandefur for the link).

Baby hyenas

… because hyenas don’t get enough good press. Click to enbiggen. (source)

This image released by the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Beijing shows front views of a new fossil panda skull, Ailuropoda microta, from Jinyin Cave, Guangxi, China, left, and a living giant panda skull, Ailuropoda melanoleuca, right. The first skull of the earliest known ancestor of the giant panda has been discovered in…

Charismatic megafauna

Sea otter (Enhydra lutris) mother and eleven day old cub at the Sunshine International Aquarium in Tokyo. This one is specially for my daughter who loved the otters holding hands and is coming home tonight after two weeks in Ireland. (And it turns out to be post #1000 since I moved to Scienceblogs.) Photo: Associated…

Fox meets Bird

A newborn South African bat eared fox learns to stalk and hunt birds at the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park. Born in late April this youngster and his four siblings, not pictured, have just recently emerged from their birthing den and are now learning how to explore and hunt.(Ken Bohn/Zoological Society of San Diego/Associated…

Cute overload (for PZ)

Sea otters “holding hands” at the Vancouver Aquarium. This is especially for PZ as I know he deep down really likes mammals and that whole cephalopod thing is just a front. ( Via Boing Boing.)