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Tim @ Deltoid beat me to posting about the new (online at least) Naomi Oreskes talk in which she discusses the tactics of the Western Fuels Association (go here), so instead I’d like to take the opportunity to highlight a paper she and Zuoyue Wang contributed to the Isis Focus section on the value of…

More fizzle than sizzle

Like many on the blogosphere, I’ve had the opportunity to view Randy Olson’s latest production Sizzle: A Global Warming Comedy. Billed as “an effort to understand the confusion around the global warming,” the movie claims to be a “novel blend of three genres – mockumentary, documentary, and reality” and that alone illustrates the problem with…

Ice on Mars

To quote the Lander: “Are you ready to celebrate?  Well, get ready: We have ICE!!!!! Yes, ICE, *WATER ICE* on Mars!  w00t!!!  Best day ever!!” More here.

Reality Check on Off-shore Drilling

From the Wall Street Journal: If the bans were lifted tomorrow, it would be at least seven years — and likely as long as a decade — before the first oil began to flow off the coasts of Florida, California and the eastern seaboard. "Is it going to happen overnight? No," said Dan Naatz, vice…

Some news out of ASU

Two quick shots … Firstly, ASU is planning to install a 2 megawatt roof-top solar grid that will provide over 20% of the power to our campus. The installation is expected to be completed by the end of the year. That’s enough to run 4,600 computers and reduce carbon emissions by 2,825 tons per year,…

Earth and Moon from Mars

Earth and Moon seen from Mars (source)

A clear sky over Flagstaff

An absolutely stunning nightscape taken ten kilometers from Flagstaff (Arizona) just three weeks ago: the San Francisco Peaks covered with lenticular cloud with the Milky Way behind. All a testament to the status of the city as the first International Dark Sky City. Having spent plenty of time in Flagstaff, I can attest to the…

John Archibald Wheeler dead.

Phil Plait brings to my attention that John Archibald Wheeler died yesterday. As Phil says: John Archibald Wheeler was a genius, an amazing physicist who felt that teaching as well as research was important. His students included Richard Feynman, widely recognized as one of the true geniuses of all time. His contributions to quantum mechanics…


Via Phil Plait, this uber-cool false-color image of Phobos produced by HiRISE at the University of Arizona.

Don’t look down

If you have problems with heights, this may not be the job for you. (via BackReaction)