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FRT – Back from Maine Edition

I’m back from Maine after having a wonderful trip to Colby College. It was cold (but I got used to it) and the people were very friendly, so thanks to one and all. Normal blogging will resume once I get caught up, but for the moment, here’s a belated random ten: Hold On / Lou…

Sad professor still grading

I can’t possible compete with RPM’s “Double Entendre Friday” (heh, heh, he said “penetrance”), but here they are, your Friday Random Ten:

It’s cosmic, I tell ya

I used to do a Friday Random Ten over at my old blog, but haven’t in a while. And then I find that PZ ran one today, and he featured “Strange Fruit” by Billy Holiday. I take that as a cosmic hint (is it design? who cares), so here’s my Friday Random Ten: I’m Bound…