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The Australasian Journal of Bone and Joint Medicine is a sham concocted by Merck and Elsevier. See here and here. I’m sure there are some sort of ethical issues here. Update (5/3): Janet and Isis have more on this. Janet notes: Myself, I’m not really moved by the claim that publishing standards were so different…

In the past I have argued that historians of science probably need to get more involved with the fight for good science education. Michael Barton has brought my attention to historian Abigail Lustig giving testimony before the Texas Board of Education.

Was There A Darwinian Revolution?

My recent talk at the Sam Nobel Oklahoma Museum of Natural History is now available online on iTunes as a podcast. Here is the link to SNOMNH’s podcast feed. So settle down with a fine beverage and watch me for an hour or so. Feel free to comment below. Oh, and here are the slides:

John Maddox, dead at 84

PZ is reporting that John Maddox – former editor of Nature – has died at the age of 84. Like PZ, I remember him for his review of Rupert Sheldrake‘s New Age garbage (“morphic resonance” *shudder*). As commentators over at Pharyngula also note, he was responsible for bringing James Randi on board to study the…

Adam Goldstein has a post over at the Evolution: Education & Outreach blog which discusses a forthcoming paper by Genie Scott and Glenn Branch (both of the NCSE). Scott & Branch follow Olivia Judson in calling for the abandonment of the imprecise term “Darwinism”. This is certainly something I support, having echoed the idea in…

Sadly, to the DI, this is what counts as the utterance of a “serious scholar who knows what he’s saying:” Evolutionary theory is at odds with itself: It cannot accept that man is a special being, raised above all others in evolutionary history, and it cannot deny that only man is capable of science, which…

In Memoriam Marjorie Grene

The following was posted to the mailing list for the International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB) by Dick Burian. I felt it worth reposting here. Marjorie Grene passed away March 16 at age 98 after a brief illness. Marjorie Glicksman Grene, born Dec. 13, 1910, was an important historian…

£14 gets you a BA from Cambridge

Or at least it did in Darwin’s day. See here. “Thanks to the discovery, historians now have the exact date of Darwin’s arrival at the university – January 26th, 1828 – as well as a huge assortment of details which will enable them to reconstruct his undergraduate life as never before.”

John Wilkins has informed me that Marjorie Grene, the noted historian and philosopher of biology, died of cancer yesterday. I was just using her wonderful The Philosophy of Biology: An Episodic History yesterday while preparing a class.

High Resolution Map of Science

See here for methodology and larger version.