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Ben Stein gets what he deserves

Below the fold because it’s a 250k image. But it’s worth it.

Bensteinian Rhapsody

From MartinC: Is this stuff real science?Or is it just fantasy,That belongs in a place likeBob Jones University?Just close your eyes,Don?t think, just accept IDI?m a game show host,I don?t know biology,But this sleazy bunch, told me so,It could be lies, how would I know?So long as the check clears, it doesn?t really matter to…

I don’t usually highlight my e-mail spam, but this was so priceless, I just had to. So much wrong here: Guinness is running its "Online Lottery" out of a PO box in Killorglin. I’ve seen Killorglin. It’s best known for a goat being annually named King of Ireland. Seriously. And apparently now the payment representative…

Life was rough for our ancestors

This (click for context) reminded me of this.

Illiterate’s Digest

Over at Skepchick, Rebecca is highlighting Something Awful’s Photoshop Phriday with a wonderful faux cover for Unscientific American. Wander over to her to see it. This one made me snort: There are plenty more here including The Old Republic.

Rowing … with swans

This made me laugh if only because I used to row back in Ireland: In Ireland, it is not uncommon for university rowing teams to cancel practice because there is a swan in the river. Rowing teams tend to be composed of men who are built like very large trees. Trees that bench-press Volvos. These…

Seed has been running an interview with the British author Will Self whom I first encountered by reading his wonderful Great Apes, the cover of which – a mash-up of a human and ape – is above. Every time I see this picture, I can only think of one person …

Dick to the Doc to the PhD!

PZ linked to this earlier, but it’s just too good not to be posted here. Enjoy! One of PZ’s minions has transcribed the lyrics here.

Sea Cucumber Sex Scandal

[H/T to Crooks and Liars]

Missing the point