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Irish boxer Kenny Egan is in the light heavyweight final against Xiaoping Zhang as I type. Naturally, I can’t see it live in this country … instead I get to see a bunch of overpaid millionaires play basketball against Spain. Here’s hoping the Spaniards win. Best I can do is follow the fight round by…

Euro 2008

Happy to see that Spain beat Germany today. Better team definitely won. Perhaps the Germans should have fielded the squad seen above?

Euro 2008

Just finished watching the Dutch implode and get beaten 3-1 by Russia, making them the third group winner to lose. I can now only hope that Spain beats the Italian Diving Squad tomorrow to avert any possibility of a Germany v Italy final. Spain v Turkey would be more fun. Thoughts?

Euro 2008

It happens every two years … a veritable orgy of high-quality soccer. In 2006 it was the World Cup, this time around it is the European Championship. So far, the Germans look efficient, the French were underwhelming, the Italian Diving Squad choked (badly), and the Dutch … well they just dominated the Italians in their…

BCS Bowls – Day 1

It’s not like ASU did wonderfully against Texas (losing the Holiday Bowl 52-34), but at least they turned up to play somewhat (albeit not in the first quarter). The same can’t be said for Illinois in the Rose Bowl (49-17 to USC) and Hawai’i in the Sugar Bowl (41-10 to Georgia). Clearly neither of the…

World Cup 2010 Draw

The qualifying draw from World Cup 2010 in South Africa was made today. Europe’s Group 8 looks like a challenge for the Irish (current rankings in brackets): Italy (3) Bulgaria (18) Republic of Ireland (35) Cyprus (65) Georgia (77) Montenegro (172)

Tonight #16 Hawaii played San Jose State and won 42-35 in overtime. That’s the same San Jose that ASU beat 45-3. Hawaii go 7-0 but frankly, given whom they have beat, are horribly overrated. Despite being unbeaten. Hawaii haven’t really met any real opposition (witness Northern Colorado, Louisiana Tech, UNLV, Charleston Southern, Idaho, Utah State).…


Eh, no. The rest of the world of sports doesn’t care when a cheating misanthrope hits a ball and shatters the "most-hallowed record" in American sports. Bonds, of course, played for ASU and his name hangs in the baseball stadium. This is nothing for ASU to feel proud about. [Picture from Sports Illustrated.]

Definition of luck

Doing this and only suffering bruises of the liver and lung, stress fractures to vertebrae and a small fracture on the top of one hand.


I don’t really get cricket. Growing up in Ireland, it was always seen as a British game and the Irish national squad was a bit of a joke. Barring a 1969 win over perennial powerhouse, the West Indies, nothing of note every really happened. Things are now, however, apparently getting interesting. In 1996 Ireland became…