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Enquiring minds want to know ….

What did Materazzi say to Zidane that set him off? My guess is that it was something about Zidane’s arab background. Not that it justifies, by the way, Zidane’s actions.

Live World Cup Blogging

Only thirty minutes to go before the start of the World Cup Final. My prediction is 1-0 for France. We’ll see … 00:00 – France win the battle of the anthems. Obvious. 01:00 – First blood to the Italians. Henry goes down, is shaky getting up. Wont be good if he goes off. 05:13 –…

Argentinian S&M? More S really.

So, yeah, Argentina whupped Serbia & Montenegro, 6-0. For your viewing pleasure here is Esteban Cambiasso’s goal, the second of the six. We’re up to 28% of our goal and are third of the SBers for money collected. So let’s keep it up!

Observation: ESPN soccer commentators are idiots who need to stop bringing everything back to the US/Italy game. Observation: Trinidad & Tobago were unlucky. Prediction: Neither England nor Sweden will advance past the Round of 16. Prediction: Italy 2 USA 0

Jogo Bonita

Just finished watching the Brazil/Croatia game. Certainly the first half was the best half of football in the competition so far – topped with a nice goal by Kaka. Second half wasn’t as good – though still better than the France/Switzerland game – the Brazilians looked a little tired. Fair dues to the Croatians for…

And so it begins

The first World Cup 2006 game is over, with Germany beating Costa Rica 4-2. Good game with some nice goals, including a wonderful forty yarder. I was surprised that Costa Rica stayed as close as they did. Looking forward to rest of the competition – Poland v Ecuador is on in an hour.