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Taking over Torpig

In early 2009, a bunch of folks at UCSB took over the Torpig botnet for ten days. In that time, they observed more that 180,000 infections and recorded over 70G of data that the botnet captured. During that time, over 8,000 accounts at financial institutions were “acquired”. The report is available online [pdf]

Keynote v Powerpoint

OK, quick question! As regular reader will know, I have migrated to a Mac. I have tons of presentations in Powerpoint which, while written on a PC, open seamlessly on the new machine. However, when I open them in Keynote, some stuff (often charts) get screwed up and I have to regenerate the slide. Question…

On #amazonfail

Janet has some extensive thoughts about the shenanigans over at Do wander over and have a read. Suffice it to say, I agree with her and will be withholding any business until all of this has been cleared up to my satisfaction.

Two weeks on …

I’ve been using my Macbook for two week now and am very comfortable with it. While I’d never become a rabid Apple fanboi, this comment by Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer strikes me a simply assinine: “Apple gained about one point, but now I think the tide has really turned back the other direction. The economy is…

Day 5

It’s Day 5 of my transition to using OS X and all is well. Once I got used to the different ways of doing things, things have been running remarkably smoothly. The trackpad on the Macbook has taken a bit of getting used to, but I now find myself pawing impotently at the pad on…


A few days back I asked my loyal readers for their opinions on the Macbook Pro (thanks to all who commented). In the end, I went with the Macbook and have been spending the afternoon adjusting to things. Everything is going well so far. The purchase at the local Apple Store went without a hitch…

Twittering? Tweeting?

So I set up a Twitter account but don’t really know what it is useful for (if anything). Feel free to follow if you want. More importantly, comment here and let me know what Twitter is useful for.

Requesting thoughts on the Macbook Pro

So I?m contemplating getting a Macbook Pro and thus leaving my current main machine (an XP laptop … which I have been very happy with, by the way). I?m specifically looking at the 17 inch model, particularly because of the eight hour battery life. Any readers out there have any experience with the new Macbooks?…

You’re trying to divide by zero

A scientist, testing a formula on Univac recently, was amazed to see the computing system stop, then automatically type the reproof: ?You?re trying to divide by zero.? A quick check proved that Univac, as always, was right. Click to image to read more. 1956 … good times.

Sheril has just announced that Barak Obama has answered fourteen questions posed by the Science Debate 2008 team. I haven’t had a chance to read his responses yet, so wander on over yourself to see what he has to say.