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Small expensive objects of desire

A few months ago I predicted this would happen. I saw the interface in action over the Summer and, boy, was I impressed. Now you can have all the fun without the phone. Pity it’s only 16G though.

From Sea to Shining Sea

So I was watching Adult Swim last night (Futurama x2 followed by The Family Guy) and they were running a cool visualization by Aaron Koblin of the air traffic over the US. There is more at Koblin’s site. Now, I need to go and watch tonight’s episodes!

Lets go on Safari

Some out there may care that Apple have released their web browser (Safari) for Windows. Having played about with it for a bit, I cant really see any reason to shift from Firefox. Now, if they could only release Quicksilver…

Has jumped the shark?

I’ll admit to spending way too much time lurking at Today the site underwent a re-design and the punters aren’t happy. The new layout is ugly (particularly on a wide screen), it loads slooooow, and Firfox extensions no longer work. People on this thread are complaining and things are being made worse by an…

This evening I watched probably one of the coolest live webcasts I’ve ever witnessed – the second test launch of SpaceX’s Falcon 1 rocket. Unfortunately, after stage separation, things went a little awry: To recap, the Falcon 1 rocket blasted off at 0110 GMT (9:10 p.m. EDT) tonight on a demonstration test flight from Omelek…

File under bloody obvious

Internet users with a home wireless connection check news and e-mail more than users with just a wired broadband connection, according to new research from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. (source)

Ah, sweet memories

This has been doing the rounds but I thought I’d link to it in any case. In January 1995, Internet World published its “Best and Worst of 1994” along with predictions for 1995. You can read the article here. If you remember Canter & Siegel, Gopher, setting up SLIP, alt.rec.somethingorother, cancelbots, or Netcom Netcruiser, this…

Yet another reason

June 2006: Microsoft senior vice president Bob Muglia opened up TechEd 2006 in Boston Sunday evening by proclaiming that Windows Vista was the most secure operating system in the industry. But a bold statement can only go so far, and much of this week’s conference has been spent reinforcing that point. December 2006: About a…

Oooh, pretty, part II

A few days back I posted a picture of the recent shuttle launch. Here’s another view: This is a four minute time exposure of the exhaust plume along Discovery’s path against the background of the starry sky. As APOD notes: At the upper left, the end of the drifting plume is punctuated by Alnitak, Alnilam,…

Oooh, pretty

  Photo of this weekend’s night launch of Space Shuttle Discovery. [Source: National Geographic]