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Jerry Bergman is well know to those of us who follow creationism – in the past he has blamed Darwin(ism) for practically every ill that afflicts the modern world and regularly publishes “historical” work in the journals of the Answers in Genesis and teh Creation Research Society. Bergman’s history is deeply flawed and he twists…

It’s Alive! Alive!

Sahotra Sarkar (Philosophy of Biology, University of Texas) has revived his blog in response to the creationist takeover of the Texas Board of Education. Sarkar is the author of Doubting Darwin? Creationist Designs on Evolution and thus will no doubt have good things to say about the situation in Texas.

A role model for ID?

The New York Times has run a story about the young earth creationist (and ex-DI Fellow) Marcus Ross who received his PhD in geological sciences. Predictablly, the denizens of Uncommon Descent see this as some sort of victory. Cordova comments: He serves as a role model for how ID proponents and even young earth creationists…

Freepers on AiG finances

Noticed a few hits from this morning as someone called “truthfinder9” had linked to my post about Ken Ham and AiG revenue. Here is a highlight:

Poor Ken Ham

Back in March, I noted that creationism was a profitable business … at least for Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis who had a salary of $121,764 for 2004. Now Jim Lippard is reporting that Ham has taken a pay-cut and only made $60,000 in 2005. Poor, poor Ken … must be rough surviving in…

Happy Birthday!

As some of you may know, in 1650, the Irish archbishop, James Ussher dated the beginning of the universe using the Book of Genesis and calculated the date of creation to be October 22, 4004 BC. That would make the universe 6002 6009 years old today.

Hovind Kaptured Kreatively

Interesting pic of Kent Hovind, a.k.a. “Dr Dino”.

Louisville gets Wise

News from Louisville is that the YEC geologist, Kurt Wise, has taken Dembski’s position at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary as director of its Center for Theology and Science. Wise is currently at Bryan College (Dayton, Tn). Predictably a SBTS representative hews to the party line: “With the addition of Kurt Wise, we are recognizing…

I’m in the wrong business

Creationism is, it appears, a profitable business. Jim Lippard has a nice piece on Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham’s young earth organization. Seems that in 2004, AiG had a total revenue of $10,423,222. Ham himself had a salary of $121,764, with $6,887 in benefits and $63,808 in expenses. Similarly, the Institute for Creation Research had…

“Jesus was half-chimpanzee”

Via Red State Rabble: “These evolutionists are saying that Jesus was half-chimpanzee, so was Mohammed and Buddha,” said Alan Detrich, a 58-year-old Lawrence Republican who takes classes at Kansas University. “I dont think thats right.” In this story, Detrich gives us the minimalist version of Paley’s watchmaker argument: The question is the story of the…