All of My Faults Are Stress Related

Anyone who donated to the Geobloggers Giving Kids the Earth challenge should have received a “giving card” via e-mail in the past few days. If you’re confused about it, here’s the explanation:

HP made a huge donation to all the social media challenges, but didn’t donate money to specific projects. Instead, they gave each individual donor a Donors Choose giving card. That means you get to decide how HP’s donation gets used.

If you want help finding projects dealing with the Earth Sciences, I added a bunch of new projects to the Geobloggers Giving Kids the Earth. (Most of the projects that we had initially selected have been fully funded!) Alternately, you can look for projects on your own.

When you’ve found a project that you want to support, type the amount you want to donate into the “GIVE $ ” box. When it comes time to check out, use the giving code you received in the e-mail you got from Donors Choose.

And that’s it. Thanks again to everyone who helped out. You’re amazing.


  1. #1 Tigana
    November 28, 2009


    don’t know if the fact I haven’t had anything through is because I donated whilst being based in Scotland – or something else

  2. #2 Kim Hannula
    November 28, 2009

    I received mine via e-mail, so international addresses shouldn’t be an issue. But I only realized that the gift cards were being distributed because I got one. Maybe they’re gradually being sent out?

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