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(You leave the country for a few days — I spoke at a conference in Brussels, which was was lovely, thanks for asking — and all kinds of news breaks out. So, sorry to be late on this, but it’s an important issue.) Last week, the Food and Drug Adminstration took the first (baby, mincing,…

There’s a troubling item in this afternoon’s issue of the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report or MMWR: The first report in the United States of a novel resistance mechanism that renders gram-negative bacteria extremely drug-resistant and that has been linked to medical care carried out in India or Pakistan. The short item describes three…

The Center for Global Development, a DC think-tank, is releasing what looks like a thoughtful report aimed at refocusing policy debates over drug resistance toward the epidemic’s global impact, with particular attention to the the developing world.

The Subcommittee on Health of the Energy and Commerce Committee of the House of Representatives has announced a hearing for Wednesday: “Promoting the Development of Antibiotics and Ensuring Judicious Use in Humans.” The witness line-up is: