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Pediatric Grand Rounds is up

On this Father’s Day, it is only right to promote Pediatric Grand Rounds vol. 1, no. 5, from my pediatrics colleague, PGR founder, and fellow proud papa, Dr Clark Bartram at Unintelligent Design.

As ol’ Doc Bartram sez:

I am very proud of this edition of the PGR. It is a perfect example of the beautiful and often frustrating complexity of children and highlights the many different ways that an ill child can effect the people who raise, care for or simply live next door to them. I would love for there to be a user manual, containing easy to understand instructions in the language of your choice, that came with each and every child but there isn’t. Children can’t be pegged down like that. There are often many right ways to handle a situation, and unfortunately many wrong ways too.

I was all too pleased to submit a most appropriate post from my new SiBling, Dr Sandy Porter, at Discovering Biology in a Digital World.

Even if you’re not a doc or a parent, check out PGR – makes fer some mighty fine readin’.