Terra Sigillata

A brand-spanking-new blog carnival, Change of Shift, is up at Emergiblog. Focusing on nursing issues, as Kim does so beautifully, the carnival’s aim is to provide broad insights on nursing as a profession, akin to Grand Rounds.

(Note to Mom: Kim and I have corresponded about your nursing career and she is very envious that you are enjoying the rewards of retirement – since you now know what a blog is, go and treat yourself to her carnival and enjoy what you’ve been missing!).

As Grand Rounds has grown exponentially, it seems wise that specialty carnivals should spin out. I was very fortunate to have my first ever carnival submission posted on Grand Rounds (the current edition is up at Dr Deborah Serani’s.

In fact, that reminds me that I need to post that submission since it was entited, Why Terra Sigillata?, an introduction to the convergence of ideas in that ancient natural medicine that led to my chossing the name for this blog. Look for it later, maybe during lunch break.

As I am swamped with grant review and review panel meetings out-of-town, I’ll probably be relying on a few classic posts while I’m gone. I might even get around to answering last week’s and this week’s ‘Ask A ScienceBlogger’ questions.