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DonorsChoose Update

The DonorsChoose campaign here at ScienceBlogs has come to a close and our challenge has been the beneficiary of support from about 10 donors. As a result of the generosity of readers, including poor graduate students and thoughtful family members, we’ve met all three of our challenge goals to fund projects in underserved areas of North Carolina. Thank you!

However, one donor stands out and I’m sending this shout-out for permission to use her name here to acknowledge her incredible philanthropy. The DonorsChoose page that we sponsors see doesn’t list exact dollar amounts, but given the timing of the gifts I can tell that this one person has given a total of about $3500.

I’d like to thank this donor personally, so please fire me an e-mail to abelpharmboy (AT) gmail (DOT) com so I can give you the recongition you deserve. In the weeks to come, I’d like to get out to all three sites and report back to you on the fabulous projects you’ve funded.

For those of you who did donate, be sure to send your confirmation e-mail to Seed Media Group at sb.donorschoose.bonanza@gmail.com to win one of a large number of prizes of appreciation.

Thank you again for supporting this worthy fundraising campaign!