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As PharmMom is a retired nurse and some of my favorite health sciences students have been nurses, it is always my pleasure to promote Kim at Emergiblog. It’s always worth a trip over if for nothing other than her vintage nursing and pharmaceutical advertisements.

The second issue of her newly-established nursing blog carnival, Change of Shift, is now live. Check it out for some fresh bloggy goodness of the nursing profession.

Navelgazing Midwife puts up a nice but somewhat chilling narrative on the continued shortage of labor and delivery services in New Orleans. Thanks for being there.


  1. #1 coturnix
    July 13, 2006

    Kim is my favourite nurse blogger.

    I love the name “Navelgazing Midwife”! Yet, during the course of her work, shouldn’t she be gazing a little lower than thet navel?

  2. #2 Navelgazing Midwife
    July 15, 2006

    Well… in this context, “navelgazing” means I am continually introspective, changing and growing… not necessarily in the literal sense.

    Thank you for including the mention in your blog, AP. I am flattered.

  3. #3 Abel Pharmboy
    July 15, 2006

    Navelgazing Midwife: You’ll have to excuse my wiseacre ScienceBlog brother, Coturnix – his was a joke, esp since I know that his wife is a nurse herself. Your post and your work is an inspiration to me: one of my best recent lab students chose to do a nursing/nurse midwifery degree so that she could press the flesh and make more of an immediate and caring impact than she could in my very dry and impersonal laboratory. Keep up the great blogging!

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