Terra Sigillata

So, we’re finally turning around some of the darkness that has surrounded this blog since late June.

I’m deeply appreciative of all who’ve come out to support my student and former lab intern, Jen, who is riding in her brother’s memory in the Philadelphia LIVESTRONG 100-mile bike ride for the Lance Armstrong Foundation on 10 Sept 2006.


With your help, Jen is now over $2,000 ($2,230, precisely) toward her $10,000 goal with about 25 days to go until the ride. Moreover, their team, Jon’s Crew, stands midday EDT (1700 hrs GMT) at $9,395 toward their $30,000 goal.

But most heartwarming to me are the names I recognize scrolling through Jen’s fundraising page – some fellow ScienceBloggers even.

And, Tara, you are the sweetheart that everyone thinks you are.

I know that we at ScienceBlogs.com have come to the well for our readers to help support the public schoolteacher’s DonorsChoose program to which you all donated so enthusiastically and generously.

So, I’ll just lay low and update you on Tuesdays with Jen’s progress, with one last post on the Thursday before the ride.

On behalf of Jen, her family, and the memory of their beloved Jon, I thank you personally for your support.


  1. #1 Kim
    August 15, 2006

    Wow – she has a lot more there now! The team is over $11,000 dollars and Jen over 3000!!!

    Bloggers Rock!

  2. #2 Shelley Batts
    August 16, 2006

    See, Abel, your rock was a diamond after all. 🙂

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